Cubic wins a $15 million for a three-year task order to provide the US Army TRADOC 4040120161

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Cubic wins a $15 million for a three-year task order to provide the US Army TRADOC
Cubic Global Defense (CGD), a business unit of Cubic Corporation, today announced the award of a three-year, $15 million task order to provide the Future Warfare Division (FWD) with Future Study Plan (FSP)/Unified Quest (UQ) events services under the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC)'s Capabilities Integration Center (ARCIC).
Cubic wins a 15 million for a three year task order to provide the US Army TRADOC 640 001Cubic Global Defense

Cubic will support ARCIC's overall efforts for FSP/UQ events including, planning, preparation, execution, assessment and analytical integration. FSP/UQ events are the Army Chief of Staff's study plan designed to explore complex strategic and operational challenges, identify issues and explore solutions critical to current and future development. UQ assists senior Army leaders in making decisions using a variety of realistic mid- to long-range strategic settings to develop or examine a broad set of ideas about future conflict that could impact the Army.

Team Cubic (composed of four industry partners: Abrams Learning and Information Systems, Inc.; J.L. Marshall and Associates; Virginia Modeling and Simulation Center; and Infinite Services and Solutions, Inc.) fulfilled the capability requirements of the FSP/UQ events task order based on innovative and adaptable processes, proven planning capabilities and the ability to form a highly qualified team to complete the tasks.

"Cubic looks forward to partnering with ARCIC's FWD to deliver an integrated and measurable business plan that assigns responsibility, defines milestones and shows performance-based results across each requirement and event," said Bill Toti, president of Cubic Global Defense. "Our team has the technical knowledge and leadership to support FWD, and we will continue to make great effort to support the Army in achieving their Force 2025 and Beyond initiative."

TRADOC's ARCIC is responsible for the development of requirements, concepts and products across all elements of doctrine, organization, training, material, leader development and education, personnel and facilities (DOTMLPF) for the transformation of the Army. Introduced in 2014, the Force 2025 and Beyond is the U.S. Army's comprehensive strategy to change the Army and deliver landpower capabilities as an instrument of the future Joint Force.