The Australian Army adopts the Mk 47 Striker 40mm Automatic Light Weight Grenade Launcher 23107151

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Australian Army adopts the Mk 47 Striker 40mm Automatic Light Weight Grenade Launcher
NIOA has been awarded contracts by the Commonwealth of Australia for the supply and support of the next generation of Mk 47 Light Weight Automatic Grenade Launchers (LWAGL) for the Australian Army. Under the Land 40 Phase 2 project, NIOA will deliver the MK47 40mm Automatic Light Weight Grenade Launcher, fitted with Lightweight Video Sight (LVS2) sighting system.
Australian Army adopts the MK47 40mm Automatic Light Weight Grenade Launcher 640 001NIOA will produce the Mk 47 40mm LWAGL fitted with LVS2 sighting system for the Australian Army
(Credit: NIOA)
The advanced LVS2 provides a new level of capability for light weapon sighting systems with integrated colour video and thermal imaging. Delivery of the LWAGL systems and spares will commence in mid-2016, with systems being systematically introduced into service across the ADF.

NIOA’s managing director, Mr Robert Nioa, said “We are very excited that NIOA has been awarded these contracts to supply and support the MK47 40mm ALGL with LVS2. With the award of these contracts, NIOA will become Australia’s only Australian-owned contractor capable of supporting the bulk of the Commonwealth’s infantry, direct fire and medium calibre weapon systems. NIOA’s engineering and support capability developed under these contracts will become a major component of the Priority Industry Capability (PIC) for support of infantry weapons in Australia, and provides the Commonwealth with a viable option for the support of these weapon fleets. We now look forward to getting these advanced weapons into the hands of our soldiers!

The Mk 47 Striker stands as the successor to the storied Mk 19 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher. Overall weight of the Mk 47 weapon is 40lbs while the entire system (gun, mounting, and tripod) comes in at 90lbs. Overall length is 37 inches with a barrel length of 24 inches. An operator can achieve a rate-of-fire of up to 60 rounds-per-minute.

Established in 1973, NIOA is now Australia’s largest privately-owned supplier of small arms, direct fire and medium-calibre weapons and ancillary equipment to the commercial, law enforcement and military markets. NIOA represents more than 50 well respected international suppliers, including divisions of Rheinmetall Defence Germany, ATK USA, Revision Military Canada, Colt Firearms USA, Barrett Firearms USA, Madritsch Weapon Technology and Glock Austria.