iXblue Advans Vega INS chosen by Jugoimport-SPDR for export contract

iXblue has been awarded a contract by the Serbian defence company Jugoimport-SPDR to provide 24 Advans Vega Inertial Navigation Systems (INS) for the accurate positioning and pointing of its new Nora 155mm howitzers.

iXblue Advans Vega INS chosen by Jugoimport SPDR for export contract
The Advans series of tactical land inertial navigation systems (INS) from iXblue (Picture Source: iXblue)

iXblue Advans Vega INS was chosen by Jugoimport-SPDR to replace the current technology already in use on the Nora 155mm howitzers, after undergoing a range of comprehensive testing it was selected over competing for INS not only for its high-performance or price but also for the easy-integration of iXblue's INS and the outstanding support delivered by the company's engineers during the project.

"Jugoimport SPDR is one of the largest European artillery manufacturers. Our selection procedure for technology partners is very rigid." stated Aleksandar Lijakovic, Sales Director and Member of the Board of Directors of Jugoimport-SPDR. "iXblue was selected after several months of testing in which Advans Vega was exposed to the greatest stresses and maintained remarkable precision. We hope that this partnership between Jugoimport-SPDR and iXblue will grow into long-term strategic cooperation" he then added.

Benefiting from the strong expertise of iXblue in the design and manufacturing of state-of-the-art Fiber-Optic Gyroscopes (FOG), the Advans Vega INS is intended for new and retrofit programmes of the land defence market. It delivers unrivalled performance and reliability in extreme environments (temperature changes, magnetic disturbances, shocks and vibrations), including GNSS-denied ones. Thanks to its genuine strap-down and solid-state design, it provides unrivalled longevity and reliability and does not require preventive maintenance.