Live-fire drill of Vietnamese Navy 4K44 Redut-M missile

VietDefense published pictures on its Facebook page showing personnel from the 679th Coastal Missile Brigade of the Vietnam People's Navy (VPN) deployed a 4K44 Redut-M missile launcher in preparation for a live-fire drill.
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4K44 Redut-M missile launcher of the Vietnamese coastal defense ready for firing (Picture source: online newspaper of the Vietnam People's Navy)

Out of the VPN's 5 coastal missile units, the 679th and 680th Brigade (680th operates 4K41 Rubezh) are the two units equipped with older missiles. In comparison, the 685th Brigade operates a mixed battery of Extra-ACCULAR rockets while the 681st and 682nd Brigades use the K-300 Bastion-P with Yakhont missiles.

As further development of the VCM-01 continues along with more research into Factory Z751's indigenous launch vehicle, one can predict the establishment of a sixth coastal defense missile brigade sometime in the near future.

The 4K44 Redut is an early Cold War era coastal defense system of Soviet origin. It was designed to supplement and replace the earlier S-2 Sopka (NATO: SS-C-2b Samlet) missile batteries. The 4K44 system uses the SS-N-3 Shaddock missile which was also used on Soviet naval vessels. In the West, the system is known by its NATO designation SS-C-1 Sepal. The 4K44 Redut system consists of a radar and command vehicle that controls up to three launch vehicles. The launch vehicles as based on the ZIL-135K 8 wheel chassis. Due to the large size of the missile, the 4K44 holds only a single missile per launch vehicle. There also is a semi-fixed position 4K44 Utes which uses the SM-70 twin round launcher and different radar. Two fixed batteries have been constructed. The missile used in the original 4K44 system is a modified version of the P-5/P-35 Pityorka, known in the West by its NATO designation SS-N-3 Shaddock. Earlier versions use the P-5S missile as used on submarines and were given the NATO designation SS-C-1a Shaddock. The most common version is the P-35 missile as used in surface ships, which was given the name SS-C-1b Sepal.

The missile is controlled by the truck-based 4R45 Skala radar vehicle. Up to three launch vehicles can be linked to a single radar vehicle. Additionally, the Tu-95RT Bear-D maritime patrol aircraft or Ka-25K Hormone naval helicopter can provide terminal guidance. Due to its long-range, the P-5S must be guided until the weapon picks up its targets. The operator is shown a video feed and selects which target the missile should attack. The 4K44 is a fully mobile system. The ZIL-135K 8x8 trucks allow for a reasonable cross country performance. A fixed position coastal defense system was also installed in two locations.

Army Recognition Global Defense and Security news

4K44 Redut-M missile launcher of the Vietnamese coastal defense (Picture source: online newspaper of the Vietnam People's Navy)