Patria delivers AMV 8x8 Armored Modular Vehicle platform to SAAB for test purposes

Finnish Company Patria has signed a contract with Swedish Company SAAB regarding the delivery of one AMV 8x8 System Platform vehicle. This will be used as a test and development platform for the latest generation of Saab vehicle electronics and video systems. The vehicle will also be used for demonstration and marketing purposes.
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Patria AMV 8x8 Armored Modular Vehicle platform. (Picture source Patria)

The contract includes vehicle, training and maintenance services. Saab will equip the vehicle with their latest video and vehicle electronic solutions connected to C4I systems and other innovations. The completed vehicle system will combine the knowledge and experience from two high technology companies. Saab Vehicle Systems provide rugged military electronics that meet harsh battlefield requirements while keeping lifecycle costs to a minimum.

“This contract is a very positive step forward for us. We have a long and productive co-operation history with Saab in several areas like integrating various Saab´s systems on our platforms for marketing and testing purposes as well as successful customer deliveries in our programs. We strongly believe that two hi-tech companies from two high technology countries can together offer unique added value to the customers in modern 8x8 market, now and in the future”, says Petri Jokinen, VP Sales and Business Development of Patria’s Land business unit.

Patria AMV is a global market leader in modern 8x8 vehicles, and over 1,600 vehicles have been sold to eight nations. Patria AMV provides the performance and features of a multi-role vehicle. It is perfect for any operation in any environment where mobility, survivability and fire power are needed. Patria offers large scale of variants to meet the specific needs of the customers worldwide from hot deserts to arctic conditions.