AMTE armored Medical Evacuation vehicle unveiled at KADEX 2018

At KADEX 2018, the local company " Kazakhstan engineering - 811 auto repair plant " is demonstrating for the first time an armored medical evacuation vehicle on the basis of MT-LB tracked platform, dubbed “ Armored medical transporter evacuator” (AMTE).

MT LB Medical variant KADEX 2018
AMTE MEDEVAC vehicle at KADEX 2018

The AMTE is based on the multi-purpose light tracked vehicle is designed to search for and provide the first emergency medical care, evacuation of wounded soldiers from the battlefield, or people affected from the outbreaks of mass sanitary losses.

The MT-LB MEDEVAC variant is equipped with two thermal imaging devices for night vision: one for the driver and one for the medic located in the rear. It is capable of evacuating up to four people on stretcher or eight wounded sitting in the rear compartment.

It also features a searchlight for searching for the wounded people, a complete medical equipment set, and an auxiliary power unit.

The MT-LB on which the AMTE is based is a multipurpose tracked armoured vehicle which was designed in Ukraine early 1960s. Among other capabilities, it can tow a trailer or weapon up to 6,500 kg or carry equipment up to 2,000 kg. A total of 11 soldiers can be carried inside the vehicle.

The "811 Automobile Repair Plant", a part of JSC "NC" Kazakhstan Engineering ", specializes in major repairs of automobile and caterpillar vehicles, modernization of military equipment, production, overhaul and modernization of fire truck tankers.

The company has long years of experience in the field of servicing and repairing military equipment, a multidisciplinary production base, highly qualified personnel for the provision of high-quality services and production.


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