KADEX 2018: Barys 6x6 armoured vehicle now fitted with 30mm remote-controlled turret

Besides the Barys 8x8 vehicle, Paramount Group and Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) are exhibiting a new variant of the Barys 6x6 with a unified combat compartment and stabilized cannon-machine-gun armament that is currently in use on the BTR 82-A. The Kazakhstan Defence Expo (KADEX-2018) is taking place from 23-26 May in Astana.

BARYS 6X6 with BTR 82A Turret KADEX 2018
The KPE Barys 6X6 variant fitted with a 30 mm RCWS showcased at KADEX 2018

The main armament of the turret is a 2A72 30mm dual-feed automatic cannon. The gun can fire armour piercing-tracer (AP-T) projectiles, high-explosive fragmentation-incendiary (HEF-I) and high-explosive-tracer (HE-T) ammunition. The secondary armament of the vehicle includes a 7.62mm PKTM coaxial machine gun. The turret incorporates two-axis stabilisation, new sighting channels, and three forward-facing 81mm smoke grenade launchers on each side. The gunner gets a new stabilized day/night fire control system TKN-4GA. The vehicle command system is equipped with advanced communications, topographic maps and a surveillance camera (TKN-AI) for the vehicle's commander.

A Kazakh variant of the Mbombe 6x6, the Barys is a revolutionary design of the armored car. New flat enclosure provides protection from explosion from below. High load capacity provides the ability to repeatedly reconfigure. Low silhouette of the hull increases the survival rate, due to the difficulties of getting on the car. Continuous operation at high loads and temperatures from -50 to +50°C.

The Mbombe/Barys provides ample space for a gunner and 8 fully equipped infantrymen and even at its most basic level it provides outstanding blast protection coupled with excellent levels of defence against kinetic attack.

Ivor Ichikowitz, Group Chairman of Paramount Group said: “In only a few years, Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering has established itself as an innovation leader and industrial powerhouse in the region. This is the result of our strong partnerships with the Government of Kazakhstan and local industry. We are proud to showcase the unique capabilities of KPE and its locally manufactured world-beating technologies. The success of KPE is a testament to the shared vision, commitment and hard work of our partners and employees.”

Johan Delport, KPE Director said: “The advanced armored vehicles produced at our modern manufacturing facility in Astana comply with the highest international standards, offering a wide range of armoured vehicles characterized for outstanding reliability, mobility and levels of protection. Our dynamic portfolio on display at KADEX 2018 is the result of our dedication to innovation, the support of our local partners and the high level skills of our workforce.”


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