The President of Kyrgyzstan is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. The armed forces of Kyrgyzstan, originally formed from former Soviet forces of the Turkestan Military District stationed in the newly independent state, includes the Army/Land Forces, the Air and Air Defence Forces, the Northern and Southern Groups of Forces, Interior Troops, and Border Troops. The Kyrgyz armed forces manpower is around 12,000 military personnel, 18,000 on mobilisation with some 60,000 reserve troops. There are also Para-military forces with 3,500 Internal Security Troops, 3,000 border guards and 1,000 National Guard troops.
The Land Forces of Kyrgyzstan is around 12,000 soldiers with the structure:
- 1 motorised rifle division, 1 independent motorised rifle brigade, 1 armoured regiment, 2 artillery regiments, 3 Special Forces battalions.

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