Russia's 1st Engineer Brigade received first Uran-14 fire-extinguishing robotic systems

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Russia's 1st Engineer Brigade received first Uran-14 fire-extinguishing robotic systems
The first Uran-14 fire-extinguishing robotic systems have started to arrive for the 1st Engineer Brigade based in Murom in central Russia, the Russian Defense Ministry’s press office said on Friday. The 1st Engineer Brigade will also receive Uran-6 mine-clearing robotic systems in 2016, the press office added.
Russia st Engineer Brigade eceived first Uran 14 fire extinguishing robotic systems 640 001Russia's Uran-14 fire-extinguishing robotic system
"The tracked fire-extinguishing robotic system is designed to carry up to two tons of water and can be used to fight fire outbreaks at explosion hazardous facilities," the press office said.

"It is unique by its efficiency and operational safety. The Uran-14 fire-extinguishing robotic system excludes direct contact between combat engineers and high life-threatening temperatures in a fire-fighting zone," the press office added.

The Uran-6 mine-clearing robotic system is used to clear passages in areas littered with explosive ordnance.

The engineer brigade in Murom was formed in December 2014. It is a reserve of the supreme commander-in-chief.

The engineer brigade comprises, in particular, a special robotic system company and the sole assault and obstacle clearing battalion in the Russian Armed Forces’ engineer troops.
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