Ukrainian Otaman IFV with NATO-standard anti-mine protection passes initial stage trial

Ukraine's Otaman 6×6 infantry fighting vehicle has completed one of the initial trial stages in offroad tests.

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Otaman IFV (Picture source: Express)

The Otaman 6x6 is an armored fighting vehicle produced by the Ukrainian manufacturer NGO Practika and presented for the first time at Defexpo 2016 in India, followed by the Otaman 8x8 in the Arms and Security Exhibition held in Kiev in 2017. This AFV can also be used as an armored personnel carrier, an infantry fighting vehicle and an ambulance.

The Otaman 6x6 is based on the BTR-60 APC. It is powered by a single 320 hp (torque of 1250 Nm) located at the front of the vehicle for the sake of better ergonomics and efficiency. The vehicle is 6.70 meters long and weighs 23 tons (another source mentions 16 but it may depend on the armament and armor). It can carry 3 crew members (commander, driver and gunner) and 10 army personnel. Otaman 6×6 boasts of the enhanced armor, NATO-standard mine protection system, a large reserve of load capacity (to install additional composite armor and heavy equipment, such as a combat module). The new vehicle provides high-level anti-mine (STANAG 4569) and ballistic protection (STANAG level 2 to STANAG level 4 with new armor modules) due to its monocoque steel hull. The hull is also fully protected from biological and chemical threats. The 453mm ground clearance protects the crew from mines.

The amphibious vehicle can run at a maximum road speed of 110 km/h with a maximum cruising range of 800 km, carrying a crew of 10 including commander, driver, and eight soldiers.

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