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Germany to increase  Bundeswehr's size by 2023
Germany will increase Bundeswehr's size by 2023 according to a statement made by Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen. For the first time after the end of the Cold War the country will increase its troop numbers due to the growing global risks, which include the Russian power projection, extended German participation in international missions, terrorism and illegal immigration, among others.
Germany to increase the Bundeswehr size by 2023
International missions have put a great strain on the German Armed Forces personnel. In the photo, a German soldier providing training to Afghan troops (Photo: Bundeswehr)

According to the German Ministry of Defence, the Bundeswehr will increase its strength by 6,900 additional post until 2023, although military officials want this number to grow by 14,300.

The minister has opted for a balanced approach as she took into consideration budgetary issues, the positive outlook in the labour market which will probably lead people to civilian jobs as well as the demographic condition. No wonder why officials consider lowering the entry standards for some of the specializations, in order to attract people with high skills. Such troops will be needed in hi-tech positions such as cyber-security, which is currently being reformed.

The German Armed Forces maintained a strength of 585,000 soldiers until 1990. Since then, this number has dropped down to 177,000. The parliament had previously adopted a roof of 185,000 troops. For that reason, the current government will ask for this limit to change, in order to be able to change the size of its forces according to the requirements.

Based on the German Media, the government plans to create 5,000 frontline posts by implementing changes to Bundeswehr’s structure and increase the number of civilian personnel by 4,400, to allow more military personnel to return to its core military tasks.

The Bundeswehr reform provides a glimpse of the upcoming German Defence White Paper, which is expected in July. An increase in the number of troops shows that the government will increase its international commitment. However, the question is whether that will be feasible while the country struggles to maintain its equipment and induct many long-awaited state-of-the-art platforms.