Mac Jee introducing its Armadillo TA-2 rocket launcher system to the European market

At this 20th edition of Milipol exhibition, the leading event dedicated to homeland security, the Brazilian defense contractor Mac Jee is introducing for the first time in France a new type of light rocket launcher system which can be fitted on the roof of 4x4 light armoured vehicles: the Armadillo TA-2.

Mac Jee makes first appearance in security market 001
Mac Jee's Armadillo TA-2 rocket launcher system mounted on a LMV light tactical vehicle

The Armadillo TA-2 is an automatic or manned rocket launcher system designed to be fully retracted inside the vehicle during non-offensive phase of the mission.

Designed as an independent platform, the Armadillo TA-2 can be integrated to most common existing 4x4 military vehicles, for instance the Iveco's LMV presented at Milipol 2017. These system would provides the armed forces with a stealthy launching solution, operational in a few seconds. Invisible in its collapsed position, the vehicle deploying the TA-2 system looks like a regular 4x4 vehicle.

Each TA-2 (Cocoon) module contains 16 rockets of 70mm, offering increased safety and maximized protection. With 3 modules on its launching platform + 3 modules in its ammunition compartment, almost 100 rockets, Armadillo is a light vehicle with the greatest firepower in the world.

It can fire direct shots at a distance of up to 3 km without stabilization, and indirect artillery shots at a distance of up to 12 km, with stabilization. 

According to Mac Jee, the new TA-2 system would provides armed forces with multiple applications, such as patrolling reinforcement, complement to artillery battery, advanced artillery outpost, etc.

Mac Jee is also working on other versions, such as other calibres (105 mm, 122 mm, etc.) and 70 mm guided rockets.


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