MSPO 2016: PGZ and Thales announce rocket manufacturing partnership in Poland

MSPO 2016
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International Defense Industry Exhibition & conference
6 - 9 September 2016
Kielce , Poland
Thales TDA & PGZ
MSPO 2016: PGZ and Thales announce rocket manufacturing partnership in Poland
At MSPO 2016, the representatives of Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa, MESKO and Thales with its subsidiary TDA announced, that they will be working together to manufacture induction rockets in Poland for both potential domestic and export markets. This decision is part of a long term defense strategy to develop industrial capabilities in Poland. Production will take place at MESKO’s Skarżysko-Kamienna plant, in partnership with Thales. The qualification processes associated with the production of induction rockets will give the site the opportunity to further develop its manufacturing competences.
MSPO 2015 Raytheon and PCO Letter of Intent to jointly develop soldier sensors 640 001 The MoU signing ceremony at MSPO 2016
“Signing of this agreement is yet another example of the effectiveness of the Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa in the field of acquiring modern technologies and their implementation to the domestic industry. Cooperation with French partners will substantially increase the competences of our companies and also will enhance the attractiveness of our offer. Cooperation with partners like Thales significantly raises the level of Polish defense industry, and agreement on missile production for export markets is the proof of that. I’m glad, that this signing strengthens the partnership relations between PGZ and Thales” – said Arkadiusz Siwko, PGZ President.

“Our joint manufacturing capabilities and skills cooperation will be key success factors on export markets as well as providing a reliable local source for the Polish Armed Forces, if the induction rockets system is selected to equip future Polish helicopter fleets. We are delighted that we can support the development of the Polish defense industry through the transfer of advanced technologies” - said Paweł Piotrowski, Country Director of Thales in Poland.
MSPO is visited by 66 official delegations from 58 countries TDA rockets on display at MSPO 2016
Poland is set to become producer of modern induction rockets, including a transfer of advanced technology. PGZ and Thales-TDA will also explore opportunities for low cost guiding systems.

The Induction Rocket System (IRS) is a new generation of intelligence rocket system using electronics and wireless technology.

The applied advanced wireless induction technology reduces the risk of damage caused by foreign bodies for instance Foreign Object Damage (FOD), misfires, or accidental ignition. Induction rockets cannot be used as improvised explosive devices or fired by enemy rockets launchers.

The ISR meets the highest NATO standards and is already used by the French army, including  the Special Forces and proven in recent conflicts (Afghanistan, Libya, Mali) to be extremely effective for a large scale of operations and tactical range (from 500 to 6000 m), providing higher combat efficiency, low logistic footprint and low cost of ownership.

The IRS is a light, reliable, accurate and safe weapon system, easy-to-use solution, suitable for use in daytime and night operations, in complex environment. The IRS with its catalog of intelligent guided and unguided rockets is perfectly adapted for operations carried out at low altitude, in close combat, as well as providing support for troops operating through various types of platforms (Helicopters, jet fighters, UAV’s).




PGZ and Thales announce rocket manufacturing partnership in Poland