Subsidiary company of PGZ showcase UAV-integrated Buggy MSPO

At MSPO, a subsidiary company of PGZ showcase a Multitask Integrated UAV-UTV system on a buggy. The vehicle is built on a lattice frame with safety cage.

buggy uav integrated mspo 2017 925 001 UAV-integrated Buggy

Internal plating is "unheard". Indepth suspensions with large cross-section, vehicle ground clearance of 40cm, angle of attack, ramp angle and exit angle allow high mobility and ability to move on most difficult terrain. The vehcile have a lenght of 4M, widht of 1,95M and a height of 1,7M. The vehicle can be produced in a 5 and 3 passengers version, with a cargo capacity of 300kg. The vehicle have a integrated UAV, which the landing base is located on the roof. The UAV can lands automatically on his landing pad, wheter the vehicle is moving or static and it can perfom reconnaissance missions at a considerable distance of the vehicle. Upon landing oon its pad, the UAV is locked and start to recharge its batteries.

The vehicle can be fitted with mobile camouflage, multisectoral, lowering radar and acoustic signatures, and decreasing near and visible infrared radiation. For military purpose, the vehicle can be armed and fitted with machine gun, guided missile launcher and non-guided missile launcher, UAV neutralizer, spoofer, jammer and other jamming devices. Station management and control can be fitted on the vehicle to clearly show all installed equipments.

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