MSPO 2019: Armored 4x4 vehicles Tur V and Tur VI shown by AMZ-Kutno SA Polish Manufacturer

The MSPO showroom for AMZ-Kutno SA, a Polish manufacturer of vehicles and special bodies, has once again become an opportunity to present the Tur V and VI armoured vehicles and the LOTR transporter.

MSPO 2019 Armored 4x4 vehicles from AMZ Kutno SA Polish Manufacturer 925 001
The Tur V multi-purpose armoured vehicle shown at MSPO (Picture source Army Recognition)

AMZ with technical facilities developed since 1999 is able to make annually up to 750 bodies and special vehicles intended for the army or uniformed and special services. In the first category we can distinguish armoured and unarmoured military vehicles, and in the second - sanitary ambulances, cars for energy and water services, but also bank cars and similar.

The Tur V multi-purpose armoured vehicle shown at MSPO is offered in the program to acquire a Special Forces Multi-Purpose Vehicle (WPWS) codenamed Pegaz. It is characterized from the ground up by a developed chassis solution (with a 4x4 frame structure with independent suspension of all wheels) and basically the entire structure built to meet the specific, already known requirements of the Ministry of National Defense.

The front-wheel suspension is independent, reinforced, with telescopic springs and shock absorbers. Rear springs and telescopic shock absorbers are used. The car uses 335 / 80R20 tires and wheels with run-flat inserts. The fuel tank has a capacity of 150 litres. GVW of the vehicle is about 8500 kg and load capacity of about 1500 kg. The weaponry mounted on it can consist of various sentence controlled weapon modules or turrets operated by the operator with 7.62 mm, 12.7 mm machine guns or 40 mm automatic grenade launchers. The vehicle is equipped with air conditioning, an independent heating system, filtering ventilation, heated side and front windows or an electric winch.

In turn, the light armoured, patrol and intervention vehicle Tur VI in the 4x4 system has already found a buyer in the form of the Police Headquarters, in particular, the Anti-terrorist Operations Bureau. Eight wagons will enter this formation, including two equipped with a special assault platform that facilitates e.g. the attack on higher places in built-up areas.

Tur VI, however, differs from the version presented at last year's MSPO in that it is not based on the modified suspension and drive of the popular Ford S-550, but in this case a MAN chassis with a diesel engine with a capacity of 6900 dm 3 and 327 hp. This choice is dictated by, among others greater popularity of MAN solutions in our country, and thus a reduction in the operating costs of these cars. The vehicle provides ballistic protection at level II according to STANAG 4569 A and is slightly shorter and lower than the original version. It can transport up to 10 people (with a driver) and it has been equipped with specialist equipment and equipment as required by the police. Tur VI has already undergone ballistics and driving tests at WITPiS.

In addition, an amphibious armored vehicle was shown, previously known as the Beaver 3, and now being the basic proposal for the requirements for the new light armored reconnaissance transport (LOTR) in the 4x4 system under the code name program Kleszcz. This transporter, in turn, has an unchanged form of the ppk Spike launcher. The purpose of this procedure was not only to show the possibility of building a specialized tank destroyer on it, but also its advantages - universality and ease of adaptation to other needs or requirements of the army.