MSPO 2021: PCO from Poland introduces its new MZN-1 Modular Night Vision Set

The Polish company PCO, a producer of optoelectronic devices with the use of night vision, thermal imaging, and laser technology introduces its new modular night vision set MZN-1 at MSPO 2021, International Defense Industry Exhibition in Poland.

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The new MZN-1 Modular Night Vision Set of PCO is unveiled at MSPO 2021, international defense industry exhibition in Poland. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The MZN-1 Modular Night Vision Set of PCO offers all the advantages of classic night vision goggles such as stereoscopic vision, the parallelism of optical axes or controlling both monoculars simultaneously while maintaining the advantages of systems with two independent night vision monoculars, such as the possibility of creating a configuration for one eye of the possibility of mounting a monocular for a weapon on the MIL-STD-1913 rail.

The MZN-1 is distinguished not only by a large number of configurations that the user can create from the set, adjusting it to the current needs, but also by remarkable ergonomics. The inclined axes of the sternum joints not only offer the classic possibility of placing the monoculars on the helmet surface in the transport position but also allow for independent tilting of each monocular without hooking the helmet visor. Double-sided or centrally located adjustment elements allow for easy and comfortable one-handed operation, both left and right.

The MZN-1 goggles, meeting the individual preferences of users, offer a choice of monoculars equipped with 16mm or 18mm image intensifiers in INTENS 4G technology. They provide excellent multi-tasking performance in all-theaters of operations from harsh desert conditions to tropical jungle conditions.