End of the Ground Pepper 2014 multinational army training in Slovakia


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Wednesday, October 22, 2014 02:30 PM
End of the Ground Pepper 2014 multinational army training in Slovakia
Started on the October 13, Gound Pepper 2014 training gathered a total of about 1,300 participating soldiers from five countries, including USA. These exercice took place in the Military Training Aera of Lest, Slovakia.
nd of the Ground Pepper 2014 multinational army training in Slovakia Soldiers participating at the multinational training at the training centre Lest, Slovakia
A multinational armed brigade from Joint Force Command based in Brunssum is currently ending a training for combat at the Slovak Armed Forces training center Lest.

Armies from the Visegrad 4 group (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary) and the United States have completed multiple mission through out the whole training, Slovak Minister of Defense Martin Glvac told a press conference on Tuesday, october 21. Glvac, who was overlooking the training process, was pleased to see progress in command abilities. "Mission Ground Pepper 2014 is a fine possibility how we can verify the ability of our men to work together with other NATO member countries", said Glvac. Soldiers of the 22nd Multinational Task Force (22MNTF) have verified their ability of joint command and the basic requirements of the NATO membership.

According to Article 5 of the Washington treaty (establishing NATO), an attack on one of the member countries is considered an attack on all members and therefor the soldiers of the 22MNTF have simulated a separatist attack on one of the members. Objectives of the training were to create a command post, mask all the machinery and to evacuate civilians. The training will finish till Oct. 22, when the command center will evaluate the training mission.

About 1,300 soldiers were gathered with about 300 vehicles, including T-72s, infantry fighting vehicles, 155 mm Zuzana howitzers. The half of the contingent were from Slovakia. A U.S. squad was integrated in a slovakian company.


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