IMI wins a $22 mn contract to supply Spain with 5.56 mm Razor Core rifle cartridges 20110151

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IMI wins a $22 mn contract to supply Spain with 5.56 mm Razor Core rifle cartridges
Israel Military Industries (IMI) has won a 22.5 million euro contract to supply the Spanish armed forces with 5.56 mm rifle cartridges, the defense company announced Wednesday, Sept. 29, 2015. “The new ammunition has a trajectory match similar to standard ammunition,” but does not require adjustments to weapons, and can be used with both short and long-barrel firearms, such as the M4 and M16,” the company said.
IMI wins a 22 mn contract to supply Spain with 5 56 mm Razor Core rifle cartridges 640 001
The multi-year contract was awarded by Spain’s Defense Ministry to IMI’s Small Caliber Ammunition Division, via its Spanish representative, Guardian. The ammunition meets NATO and Spanish armed forces specifications, IMI said. “IMI has provided light ammunition to European countries in accordance with NATO specifications for tens of years,” the company added.

In January 2014, IMI announced the start of production of a new 5.56 mm Razor Core cartridge, of the type that Spain will now be purchasing.

Special Forces have been waiting a long time for this kind of cartridge,” IMI vice president and managing director of the Small Caliber Ammunition Division, Israel Shmilovitz, said last year. “Superior accuracy, effective stopping power and extended range of up to 600 meters, make Razor Core ideal for special operations,” he added.

IMI, formerly state-owned, is currently in the midst of a privatization process. The company dedicates 70 percent of its activity to exports.

IMI’s Small Caliber Ammunition Division, based in Nazareth, manufactures a range of ammunition, from 5.56mm to 0.5” (12.7mm), including armor piercing, sniping and training ammunition. The division is the prime supplier of small caliber ammunition to the IDF. Other customers include the US Army, the armed forces of major NATO members, law enforcement forces, special units, and commercial markets.