USAF airdropped ammo to Syrian rebels 41310152

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US airdropped ammo to Syrian rebels
The USAF has airdropped small calibre ammunition to Syrian rebels allegedly fighting against the Islamic State in the northern part of the country. According to Col. Steve Warren, spokesman of the US military command in charge of the fight against the IS in Syria and Iraq, the operation was carried out on Sunday with Boeing C-17 airplanes.
US airdropped ammo to Syrian rebels
A USAF C-17 Globemaster III during airdrops of water and food supplies to Haiti (Source: USAF)

The spokesman has declined to give details to which groups these ammunition supplies were delivered. However, Mustafa Bali, a Kurdish official of the YPG group near the city of Kobani, had stated that the US has delivered to them 120 tons of weapons and ammunition.

The airdrops comes just a few days after the US President, Barack Obama, had decided to cancel the Syrian rebels training programmes in various neighbouring countries, due to the inability of the project to deliver large numbers of combat-ready troops. Under these circumstances, the US administration decided to assist the groups fighting against the Islamic State, by providing them ammunition and other related equipment.