The President of Paraguay is the Commander-in-Chief of the Paraguayan armed forces, while within the Government the Defense Minister has the political responsibility for their functioning. The Commander of the Paraguyan armed forces is directly responsible to the President, and is supported by a Joint General staff. The total active manpower is around 17,000 personnel, including 10,000 conscripts. There is also a paramilitary force with 14,000 police officers. The conscription is 12 months.
The Land forces of the Paraguyan army are around 13,000 soldiers and a reserve force with 60,000 soldiers with the structure:
- 6 infantry divisions
- 3 cavalry divisions, 1st with 4 regiments (1 armoured, 1 motorised, 1 mechanised, 1 horse), and the 2 other 2 divisions each have 1 active and 2 cadre regiments.
- 1 artillery command, (2 field artillery groups, 1 AAA group), 1 engineer command (1 combat and 1 construction battalions), 1 signal command battalion.
- 1 Presidential guard with 1 artillery battalion, 1 infantry battalion, 1 military police battalion, 1 light armoured squadron.

Military equipment and vehicles of Paraguayan Army of Paraguay