UMEX 2020: Estonian company Marduk showcases Marduk Shark UAV detection system

At UMEX 2020, Estonian company Marduk showcased their latest UAV tracking devices. Marduk has developed an alternative mid-range UAV detection, tracking and high-precision targeting, the Marduk Shark.

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The current affordable systems present on the market depend on intercepting and jamming the radio-frequency communications between the UAV and its operator. The main problem is that newest generation of UAV are capable to accomplish their missions in total radio silence, thus rendering old technique of counter-uav system to be innoperative against them.

Marduk is developing a mobile/portable solution for mid-range (from 1 to 5km) UAV detection, tracking and targeting. It is based on sensor fusion, taking advantage of the latest machine learning algorithms, COTS hardware and non-ITAR elements. The Shark features an automated detection of suspicious flying object, automatic verification and a continuous tracking and high precicion targeting of the potential threats. The Shark is also capable to carry direct energy effects or will also be capable of using kinetic forces.