Warrior Competition 2018 Day 1 event Trijicon Top Shot KASOTC Amman Jordan

April 30, 2018, day 1 for Army Recognition online military magazine with its Online Defense and Security Web TV at the Warrior Competition 2018 in KASOTC, King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center. The Day event for the competitors is the TRijicon Top Shot.

Warrior Competition 2018 Day 1 Top Shot event KASOTC Amman Jordan 925 001
Special Forces soldier fire with assault rifle during the Trijicon Top Shot event at the Warrior Competition 2018, that takes place in the KASOTC, King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center, Amman, Jordan. April 30, 2018. (Picture source Army Recognition)

The Trijicon Top Shot starts with a blow horn. On the sound of the horn, each shooter will begin negotiating their first stage, forward and lateral movement. Once the shooter has completed the movement stage of the event, they will immediately lock and clear their primary weapon system and begin movement to the static stages.

The shooter cannot proceed forward unless all targets are successfully engaged. Should the shooter expend all their ammunition before finishing the designated stage, the shooter will be eliminated from the event.

The winning team in this year’s Top Shot will have the opportunity “to select the Team order for the King’s Challenge” in this year’s 10th Annual Warrior Competition. The "King’s Challenge" is the latest event of the Warrior Competition.

The first static stage will be a shotgun engagement. The weapon and ammunition for this stage are located on the table directly in front of the targets. After finishing the shotgun engagement, the shooter will lock and clear the shotgun, place it back on the table, and move to the five-plate steel rack. After successfully clearing the rack, the shooter will move to the final static stage, the Texas Star.

The first shooter to clear the Texas Star will be declared the winner. The winner progress to the next round in the bracket. Note, should both shooters expend all provided ammunition without clearing all targets both individuals will be eliminated from the event.

Day result of the Trijicon Top Shot.:

1st place : Kuwait National Guard

2nd place: Lebanon Black Panther

3rd place: Jordan special 2

 Registered teams for the Warrior Competition 2018:

* USA Stanislaus County Sheriff's Department SWAT

* UAE Abu Dhabi Police - F7 Team 1

* UAE Abu Dhabi Police - F7 Team 2

* Lebanon Black Panthers - Team

* Moldova Guard Service Team

* Lebanon IDSF Team

* Brunei Royal Brunei Armed Forces Team

* Belarus Special Operations Forces Team

* Ukraine Ministry of Defence Team

* Turkey Gendarmerie Commando Special Operations Team

* Jordan Royal Guards Team

* Kosovo Police Team

* Turkey Gendarmerie Commando School Team

* Greece EKAM Team

* Austria Cobra Team

* Jordan Special Unit 1 - Team

* Oman Royal Oman Police Team

* Jordan Special Unit 2 - Team

* Lebanon Lebanese Armed Forces - Team 1

* Lebanon Lebanese Armed Forces - Team 2

* Kenya MOI Team

* Sudan Special Operations Forces Team

* Poland BOA Team

* Kuwait Commandos 25 Team

* Sweden Piketen Team

* USA 1-184th Infantry Battalion Team

* Jordan Gendarmerie Team

* Kazakhstan Army Team

* Kuwait Police Team

* Czech 102nd Reconnaissance Battalion Team

* Portugal CompOEsp - LAND Team (FOE)

* Qatar Special Operations Forces Team 1

* Qatar Special Operations Forces Team 2

* Saudi Arabia Land Force Team

* India NSG Team

* Kuwait National Guards Team

* China PAP Team 1

* China PAP Team 2

* USA ODA - 5233 Unit Team

* USA ODA - 5232 Unit Team

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