Warrior Competition 2018 Day 3 event McQuade at KASOTC in Amman Jordan

May 2 2018, day 3 for Army Recognition online military magazine with its Online Defense and Security Web TV at the Warrior Competition 2018 in KASOTC, King Abdullah II Special Operations Training Center. One of today's events is the McQuade.

warrior competition 2018 mcquade event 925 001
A Belarusian soldier checks his sniper before entering the McQuade event (Picture source Army Recognition)

The McQuade event at the Warrior Competition 2018 is designed to test team’s ability to properly plan and remember specific mission details as in a real-world combat scenario. Each leader of team competitors has received a blueprint of the target building showing the designated firing points within the structure. As there are multiple routes within the structure to the various firing points, it critical for the team leader to plan the fastest route in and “out”.

The five team members enter the structure at the same time. Members of the team engage one target at each of the firing points. Rounds for this event are provided to the team at the event starting point and will remain with the team as they maneuver through the structure.

The event is initiated by the Senior Coordinator’s command. On the command of the senior coordinator, the five man team enter the building and move to the first firing point. There is no order to this event, and the team can go in any direction and shoot at any stage in whatever order was previously discussed during the team’s planning. Once the team has engaged at all four stages within the structure, they can return to the holding area and the time for the event will stop.

At 16 minutes, if the team has not completed the event, the team inside the structure will be pulled from the building. and the team will receive zero points for the event.

In case of a Major Safety Violation by the shooter, he will be directed to lock and clear the weapon system and will be removed from the structure immediately.

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