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Readying the U.S. military for future warfare requires envisioning how next-generation warfighters will maneuver across all domains, including the fundamental land domain. The Army is accomplishing this task by bringing together ground vehicle experts, industry innovators and hands-on engineers and researchers to develop, test and ultimately deliver new fighting vehicles. Steering the U.S. Army’s efforts to advance prototypes in this area is the Army Futures Command Next Generation Combat Vehicles Cross-Functional Team, or NGCV CFT, based in Warren, Michigan. Maureena Thompson, Army Futures Command, explains.

Analysis by Army Recognition editorial about the combat and armored vehicles that will be displayed during May 9, 2022, Victory Day military parade of Russian armed forces. despite the conflict in Ukraine, Russia has decided to celebrate Victory Day with a military parade that will take place in the Red Square in Moscow. The Russian army units are already busy doing the first rehearsals. 

BAE Systems will develop a new approach to defeat adversaries by overwhelming them with complexity as part of the Complexity Modeling in Multiple Domains (COMMAND) program. The company has been awarded a $2.8 million, three-year contract from the Air Force Research Laboratory to develop a new approach to defeat adversaries: by overwhelming them with complexity.

From current support operations in Europe to experimentation with emerging technologies at Project Convergence, leaders say it is clear that the U.S. Army must rely on an integrated, adaptive communications network to accomplish its missions. Claire Heininger and Amy Walker report.

The Polish Armament Group (PGZ) has published a picture on its Twitter account showcasing the Borsuk (Badger in English), the new tracked armored IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) for the Polish army fitted with the ZSSW 30mm unmanned weapon station armed with one 30 mm Bushmaster Mk 44 automatic cannon.

The Chinese army reports on its website that a new type of detachable barracks has been put into use in a combined-arms brigade under the PLA 73rd Group Army. This kind of detachable barracks is applicable for multiple military tasks such as garrison duty handover, cross-regional maneuvering and long-term stationed training.

Teledyne FLIR Defense, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, announced that it has teamed with MFE Inspection Solutions to integrate the FLIR MUVE C360 multi-gas detector on Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot and commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS). The integrated solutions will enable remote monitoring of chemical threats in industrial and public safety applications.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), Lockheed Martin and Aerojet Rocketdyne team successfully flight-tested the Hypersonic Air-breathing Weapon Concept (HAWC). This historic flight reached speeds in excess of Mach 5, altitudes greater than 65,000 feet and furthers the understanding of operations in the high-speed flight regime.

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