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At DSEI 2017, Kirintec presents a unique patented solution to counter this weapon of choice. Their Sky Net suite of products counters UAS being flown from many kilometers away, denying them entry to an identified exclusion zone. Sky Net is available as vehicle mounted solution called Longbow and man-portable solution called Recurve.

At DSEI 2017, Elbit Systems presents its SPEAR MK2 mortar system mounted on a Plasan Sandcat 4x4 armoured vehicle. Combining the decades of experience developing and providing thousands of self-propelled CARDOM vehicular mortars for military forces worldwide, Elbit Systems recently introduced SPEAR MK2 ‘soft recoil’ system that reduces the mortar’s firing loads to less than 15 tons. This enables the assembly of the complete mortar system on light 4X4 vehicles.

Train as you mean to fight! Rheinmetall’s innovative and versatile Legatus live simulation technology doesn’t just enable realistic training of entire units and formations using original equipment, even in urban environments. It also makes highly detailed control and evaluation of exercises possible, an indispensable prerequisite for tactical leaders eager to discover and address possible weak points. Rheinmetall is showcasing its Legatus Live Simulation technology at DSEI 2017.

At DSEi 2017, the company PPM Systems is putting the spotlights on its HARC-TD communication system. A lightweight expeditionary system, the HARC-TD uses an electric drone to provide up to 20 miles (38km) of radio range extension for any UHF Tactical Radio Waveform (225-450 MHz); adding dramatic network and communications range extension.

At DSEI 2017, IEE, manufacturer of enhanced displays for military applications, exhibits its full range of smart and flat panel displays that can be used for a variety of applications across Ground Vehicle, Naval, and Airborne markets. Open Architecture (OA) Systems, and Open Standard Video and Data Interfaces across IEE’s product lines, address customers needs for modularity and reuse, to deliver compliant and cost-effective solutions.

Elbit Systems presents its SPEAR M2 mortar system mounted on 4x4 armoured vehicle at DSEI 2017, defense and security exhibition in London, United Kingdom. Based on decades of experience developing and providing thousands of self-propelled CARDOM vehicular mortars for military forces worldwide, Elbit Systems recently introduced SPEAR MK2 ‘soft recoil’ system that reduces the mortar’s firing loads to less than 15 tons. This enables the assembly of the complete mortar system on light 4X4 vehicles.

Research Electronics International is pleased to announce the ANDRE Advanced Near-field Detection Receiver, a hand-held broadband receiver that detects and assists in locating nearby RF, infrared, visible light, carrier current and other types of transmitters, the company announced during DSEi 2017.

Bittium is exhibiting its products and solutions for tactical communications at DSEI 2017 defense exhibition in London, United Kingdom on September 12-15. At the exhibition, Bittium showcases for the first time Bittium Tough SDR product family, which was launched in August. The product family includes Bittium Tough SDR Handheld™, tactical handheld radio for individual soldiers, and Bittium Tough SDR Vehicular™, tactical radio for vehicle installations. Also showcased will be the versatile Bittium Tough Comnode™ terminal that was launched last week.

At this year’s Defense and Security Equipment International (DSEI) event, Clear-Com, a global leader in real-time communications and connectivity solutions, is presenting its highly-scalable voice communications solution with Multi-Level Security, interoperability, and full-duplex (two-way) capabilities. Clear-Com wired, wireless and IP communications solutions can be found on stand N5-465.

At DSEI 2017 Rheinmetall underscores the Group’s immense expertise in the world of tracked armoured vehicles. This extends from comprehensive maintenance and modernization programmes to advanced armament concepts, and from developing and manufacturing original equipment to providing all-encompassing technical and logistic support for entire vehicle fleets – including in deployed operations. Rheinmetall is currently upgrading the technical and tactical performance of the Leopard 2 MBT on behalf of two large international customers. 

The battlefields of the 21st century are more and more digitized. Today’s warriors follow the doctrine of network-enabled warfare. Battle management and command and control systems (BMC4I networks) seamlessly connect individual soldiers on the ground with sensors and weapons systems of all services, markedly enhancing overall operational effectiveness.

At this year’s DSEI, the Boxer 8x8 armoured is now returning to the United Kingdom, where it will be on display at the Rheinmetall stand (S7-110). The UK was an early partner in the industrial consortium that originally developed the Boxer Multi-Role Armoured Vehicle (MRAV). In the meantime, three NATO nations have selected this versatile, well-protected, combat-proven family of vehicles.

The Estonian defence solutions provider Milrem Robotics is expanding the capabilities of their THeMIS unmanned ground vehicle to equip soldiers with several new robotic systems for defence applications. One of the company’s aims is to enhance warfighters’ situational awareness. To that end several systems are in development. One of them – the TITAN SENTRY – is exhibited this week during the Defence and Security Exhibition DSEI 2017.

MBDA’s Land Ceptor air defence system is making its show debut in the outside vehicle park at DSEI 2017 in London from 12-15 September. Land Ceptor utilises the next-generation Common Anti-air Modular Missile (CAMM) and is will be brought into service by the British Army as a replacement for the Rapier air defence system. Compared to Rapier, Land Ceptor has over triple the range (25 km+) and is able to intercept the most challenging targets in any weather conditions, including cruise missiles and precision guided munitions.

Defence and security company Saab launched its new 120mm mortar ammunition, THOR, at the DSEI 2017 exhibition in London, United Kingdom. The all-new THOR is a 120mm mortar round developed with a unique design, combining different shapes, materials and fragmentation sizes to attain the desired effect on the target.

Inzpire showcases its Targeted Fidelity Simulator (TFS), an innovative solution to modern flying training needs, for the first time at DSEI 2017, defense exhibition in London, United Kingdom. Inzpire has been making headlines, triggering a 'revolution in defence' with its affordable, relevant products and services for militaries around the world. The TFS is a key part of this revolution, as the company continues to seek the best ways of meeting and surpassing customers' training requirements in both capability and cost.

With the Multi-Fonctionnal Armor system, Plasan, an armour and survivability company, can now offer platform Situationnal Awareness (SA) enhancement using only the armour panel as the carrier. It means that the 360° SA system is embedded in the armour panels of the combat vehicle, the system adds only 200gr/sqm to the weight of the armour and it does not increase the thickness of the panels.

A revolutionary, wearable technology is currently being tested by armed forces across the world. Broadsword® Spine® is an invisible power and data network that is built directly into clothing using conductive fabrics instead of wires and cables. The innovative e-textile has been developed by BAE Systems alongside its partner Intelligent Textiles Limited.

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