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At MSPO 2018, Glenair is showcasing its STAR-PAN ™ : a data hub and power distribution system available off-the-shelf. The Glenair STAR-PAN™ enables soldiers to make the most of Personal Area Network (PAN) devices - improving situational awareness, surveillance, intelligence and reconnaissance while optimizing power monitoring.

At the 2018 MSPO Cenrex (PGZ group) presents further elements of special units equipment offered as part of the PERUN - Polish Elite WarrioRs UNlimited [Capabilities] project. Presented for the first time, at MSPO 2018 and the Polish première of the infrared thermal modules from the German ANDRES Industrie.

After a great success at Eurosatory 2018, HGH Infrared Systems continue their technological innovations tour in Poland at MSPO 2018. The company recently launched new technologies to support the modernization of the Defence industry: CYCLOPE 5.0, the Tracking in Staring mode feature and the highly awarded V-LRF option.

The International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO 2018 in Targi Kielce - the 2018 expo breaks a number of records compared to the previous year, the number of exhibitors increased to 624, the number of represented countries also sky-rocketed too, from 27 to 31. This is a further confirmation that MSPO 2018 truly deserves its third position in the European defence industry ranking of expo leaders, next to Paris and London trade shows. The 26th MSPO’s leitmotif is the 100th Anniversary of Regaining Independence.

Paris, London and Kielce - these three European defence industry exhibitions come at par in safety and security milieus. For over a quarter of a century, the International Defence Industry Exhibition at Targi Kielce has been the Polish industry's flagship as well as a showcase and the best way to promote domestic companies.

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