January 2018 Global Defence & Security Industry - Military - Army News



In 2017, the Ukrainian State defense industry UkrOboronProm plants started and successfully completed development and testing of new military equipment and weapons, with the goal to strengthen the Ukrainian army in the near future. Only this year the BTR-4MV1, the combat UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) Horlytsya, the 3D observation radar 80K6T, T-72AMT main battle tank and many other modern weapon products were demonstrated.

According a picture released on the Twitter account of Suliman Mulhem, Turkey would have deployed air defense missile system Hawk MIM-23 near Aleppo in Syria. On Sunday, January 31, 2017, two images were shared over the social media Twitter showing the deployment of one MIM-23 Hawk short range air defense missile system and its fire control radar inside the northern Syrian province of Aleppo by Turkey armed forces operating in Syria.

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